Square Fair, inc is a not for profit committee representing the citizens of Allen county. It was established to aid, assist and encourage community, cultural, and artistic development. People —Living, playing, raising families— define a community and make it special. Lima's Town Square will be the focal point each summer as citizens of Allen County come together to celebrate the character and vision of our community.

Square Fair, inc trustees are interested in keeping art out on the streets where it flows into our lives – rather than secluded in a gallery where few people can experience it.

Imagine Lima bigger-than-life murals gaining the status of a unique tourist attraction and walking tours are provided to tourists.

Square Fair, inc and its newly installed trustees plan to make this vision a reality in 2014

The entire process will be monitored both internally by the committee and participants as will as externally by a Social Enterprise project team from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business. This 6 member group is comprised of undergraduates working toward an entrepreneurship minor. Spring semester, they will follow and evaluate the progress of our pilot project, research how other communities involve their citizens in successful public art projects, and make recommendations as we move forward.

These recommendations along with evaluation from the people who implemented the project year one, will inform the review committee as a 5 year plan will be adopted in November 2014. This plan will prioritize needs and opportunities as we moved forward. We envision projects as diverse as large sculpture in the center of proposed round-abouts to painted murals on the North Street railroad underpass.